About Us


Jonathan Milo Leal
Founder & Owner

A lifelong lover of food, Jonathan is thrilled to be returning to the meal prep business in Athens, and looks forward to meeting & spending time with you during your sessions! In addition to Gourmet Your Way, Jonathan also runs Milo’s.

Nadia Mitchell
Recipe Developer

Nadia’s work is behind the scenes — she tests and retests countless recipes each month in the search for the best ones. She has an extraordinary palate, and works to make sure each recipe assembles well and then — when you take it home — will cook easily & correctly.

Greg Travers
Prep Chef

Greg does much of the behind-the-scenes prep work with the food, from making sauces to bagging meats & sides. This father of three sons has a strong background in the food business and brings an attention to detail to his work.