Raid Our Freezer

About every 5-6 weeks, on a Thursday evening from 4-6p, we open our freezer to our customers! Meals are already assembled and ready for pickup. All meals and sides serve 6, so an entrée that costs $36 is just $6 per serving.  Entrées range in price from $33 to $42, depending on the item.


Current menu : October 6

Click here for the current menu for the next Raid, set for Thursday, October 6, from 4-6p, at ACEnet, 94 Columbus Rd.


wolf tree logo 210% of all sales will go directly to The Wolf Tree Collective.

Wolf Tree Collective, a program of APE, is an all natural play and community center for children, adults, and families of all demographics. At the space we offer educational classes, support groups, family events, and opportunities to explore the arts, such as family concert nights and monthly art shows. We also have a daily open doors time for families to stop in and socialize.

The space offers a return to the play experiences of earlier generations with hand-made, natural, open-ended toys that stimulate imagination and creativity, as well as a small retail section where you can find all natural, ethically made, organic products such as children’s clothing, toys, books and handmade soaps.  

APE  is a non-profit promoting social and cultural renewal by integrating education, community, health and the arts. Through educational programs for all ages, support groups, mentoring and the pursuit of cultural enrichment and scientific inquiry, APE advances it’s mission while providing a healthy social environment for those who live, work and visit southern Ohio.


Non-profit partners

Did you know that we pair each Raid with a different local non-profit group? We donate 10% of our sales from that Raid to each group. If you’d like to get more information about signing up your group for a future Raid, please e-mail Jonathan at:


How to order

E-mail your order to: You will always get a confirmation of your order. If you don’t get a confirmation within 24 hours, your order was not received; please try again, or call us at 740-589-6456.


How do I pay?

We take everything! Cash, checks, and four major credit cards: MC, Visa, Discover, AmEx.


Where do I pick it up?

Raid is held at ACEnet located at 94 Columbus Rd. in Building C. Look for the sign on the door at the front (by the road).

Click here to locate ACEnet.


Can’t make it to Raid?

We’ll set a time for pickup that’s convenient for you. We are super easy to work with!

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